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The Delectable Ballerinas Softcover Notebook Set B

The Delectable Ballerinas Softcover Notebook Set B

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This set of softcover pocket-size notebooks are light and convenient to carry along in your bag or pocket. 

Each set consists of 3 designs, and each book consists of 60 lined pages and only weigh 38g! 

Set B characters: Grandmaster Jeté Tarik, Pas De Deux-rian, Ms Bit Bit


Grandmaster Jeté Tarik
"Grand Jeté" to leap from 1 foot to the other into mid-air. Teh Tarik - pulling the drink from one mug to another. Wherever we are in our lives, we can always take a leap of faith & pull through. let’s all Grand Jeté Tarik!


The PAS DE DEUX ~ RIAN captured here in their element ~ grace & gratitude.
"Pas De Deux" ~ step for 2. Two is better than one & one is better than none. Be grateful for what we have & share our blessings graciously.


Miss Bit Bit’s philosophy is to do what you do bit by bit (just like how she got her 180 split) in the essence of an old Malay saying, bit by bit lama lama you did it! 


"The Delectable Ballerinas" is a collaborative project by Sparkles by Nell & Cassielelolea  

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