About Us

MY LOVE, MY LIFE! This is my mantra for this little business that I have started up. I have loved art since forever and have decided to start Le Art Shop to share my passion with you.

I am a self-taught artist and in the art world, I use the name Cassielelolea. I have experimented with a lot of different mediums, painting surfaces, brushes, etc. My first painting was done with a less than RM20 set of 12-colour watercolours. Absolutely nothing wrong about that and I was so proud of myself! Haha!

But along the way, I explored more. I wondered why some paints cost so much more than others, coz I thought that my first painting still didn’t look too shabby. Well I’m not going to give you a long tutorial here, but yes, they are of different quality, properties, and some brands even go 2 steps further by using pigments from nature (no animals were harmed so don’t worry) and ensure that those paints are harmless if you are face to face with them 24/7.

Quality paints are lightfast, which is how resistant they are when exposed to light. You have put in many hours of handwork into your painting, so trust me, you want it to last!

Le Art Shop has been a couple of years in the making then. I have toyed with it, talked about it with many and thought long and hard. And in year 2020, I decided to take the plunge by setting up an online shop offering a variety of art supplies for those looking for good yet modestly priced products. I have tried many of these products myself so you have the assurance that they have been tried and tested. Guna tanpa was was!

I totally understand how fascinating it can be to watch a YouTube painting tutorial and how eager we are to get there. We want to be able to paint or draw like that! Psychologically, we tell ourselves, “It must be the brush that she uses, and the paints! Must the paints! What brand was that?” Well and good, but in fact, it’s a yes and no.

You do not have to start your art journey with high priced products, but yea, if you can afford it, start with something mid-ranged which promises decent quality. Check out our store!

I am more than happy to help you out with any questions you may have to fuel your passion.  I will be offering tips, demos, insights about products and painting.

So come join me on a journey of self-expression and discovery, who knows you may LOVE it!


With love & lots of colours,



My first watercolour painting done back in early 2016. Not the type of watercolour paper that I'd choose now as you can see how bad it warped :(