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The Delectable Ballerinas Softcover Notebook Set A

The Delectable Ballerinas Softcover Notebook Set A

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This set of softcover pocket-size notebooks are light and convenient to carry along in your bag or pocket. 

Each set consists of 3 designs, and each book consists of 60 lined pages and only weigh 38g! 

Set A characters: Pir Pir, Mew Mew, and Lady Roti Chaînés


Pir Pir is a Malayan Tapir. She is the champion of nasi lemak ~ fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk & wrapped in banana leaf.
Her favourite quote is "ALAMAK NASI LEMAK" aka OH NO! But she believes that we can change our OH NO! to OH YES! with a shift in perspective & everything else will follow.


Mew Mew loves Ondeh Ondeh!
"EN L’AIR EN L’AIR" means in the air. When our situations & surroundings seem uncertain & in the air. Stay grounded, keep reaching for our goals & remind ourself this too shall pass.


Lady Roti Chaînés
"Chaîné" means quick travelling turns. Whenever we face any difficulties in our life, we must learn to turn & move away rapidly. Take control of the situation. Don’t give away your power.


"The Delectable Ballerinas" is a collaborative project by Sparkles by Nell & Cassielelolea 

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