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Princeton Neptune 4750 Series Travel Brush

Princeton Neptune 4750 Series Travel Brush

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Neptune series 4750

Princeton set out to create a synthetic version of squirrel, they developed a brush that may actually outperform the natural version. Neptune is the softest and thirstiest synthetic brush, delivering oceans of color. Experts in natural hair have been incredulous that this is actually synthetic. 

This Neptune Travel Brush by Princeton is constructed with a beautiful metal barrel in copper that doubles as a handle as well as storage for the brush head, with a small hole for ventilation when you have to keep the brush when it's still wet. This brush is the perfect tool for the artist on the go!

  • Thirstiest brush
  • Soft and supple with an even release of color
  • More durable and affordable than squirrel
  • Perfect for watercolour and gouache 

Available in size 4, 6, 8, & 10, or a set of 4 (set comes with a housing case)

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