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Pēbēo Studio Fine XL Oil Paint | 80ml tubes

Pēbēo Studio Fine XL Oil Paint | 80ml tubes

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The Pēbēo Studio Fine XL Oil paint is smooth and supple and suitable for all techniques, from glazing to working in thick coats, and it can be used together with mediums and auxiliaries. It is ideal for working materials, it dries quickly and overlay work can be undertaken after 3 days. It is intended for application on canvas, cardboard, wood, etc., but is also suitable for producing large pictorial spaces.

It lends a range of colours and varied effects: traditional colours, light or pastel colours, bright modern colours. These colours are intense and permanent with great resistance to thermal and photo-oxidation. Viscosity is constant from one colour to another and the pigments are chosen to provide similar colours to the extra fine oils while providing excellent value for money. It is advisable to leave the work to dry for 6 to 9 months before varnishing.


Colours: Intense, permanent and finely ground

Surface drying: 2 to 6 days on average according to the thickness applied

Dilution: solvents, oils or mediums depending on the desired effect

Cleaning: Mineral spirits

p/s: some tubes are slightly dented but content inside are still good and nothing has leaked out from the tube

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