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Holbein Artists’ Watercolours 5ml tubes | 24 colours set

Holbein Artists’ Watercolours 5ml tubes | 24 colours set

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Highly recommended by professional artists world wide since 1900, Holbein Artists’ Watercolours are produced using a simple combination of the finest pigments and gum arabic available.  Holbein Artists’ Watercolours contain no synthetic polymers and only use small amounts of surfactants, allowing the artist more control over the dispersal of their watercolours while maintaining colour integrity, intensity and the highest permanent ratings.

This Holbein Artists’ Watercolour 24 colours set (5ml tubes) inclusive of:

  • W010 Crimson Lake
  • W012 Rose Madder
  • W019 Vermilion Hue
  • W032 Jayne Brilliant No.2
  • W035 Permanent Yellow Lemon
  • W037 Permanent Yellow Deep
  • W034 Yellow Ochre
  • W151 Yellow Grey
  • W063 Cobalt Green
  • W066 Permanent Green No.1
  • W067 Permanent Green No.2
  • W065 Terre Verte
  • W061 Viridian Hue
  • W096 Compose Blue
  • W092 Cerulean Blue
  • W091 Cobalt Blue Hue
  • W094 Ultramarine Deep
  • W097 Prussian Blue
  • W112 Mineral Violet
  • W130 Light Red
  • W134 Burnt Sienna
  • W133 Burnt Umber
  • W138 Ivory Black
  • W002 Chinese White
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