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Etchr Panoramic Sketchbook

Etchr Panoramic Sketchbook

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These Panoramic sketchbooks are 4" x 8" and use either cold or hot press paper.

  • Artist-grade 100% cotton acid-free paper
  • Panoramic format in one size
  • Ideal for wet and mixed media
  • 52 pages / 26 sheets (can paint both sides)
  • 230g cold press or 220g hot press paper
  • Open flat for ultra wide-angle landscape format
  • Cotton fabric cover that can be personalised with paint or markers

    Cotton paper is simply the best surface for watercolour and is also great for mixed media. 100% cotton paper is capable of taking multiple heavy washes, stands up well to damaging techniques like dry brushing, and it helps keep the pigment looking vibrant over the passage of time. The surface provides the perfect level of brush resistance while allowing the pigment to flow beautifully across the page. Those that "upgrade" to 100% cotton paper often credit it as having had a greater impact on their art than the quality of paint that they use.

    Cold press paper has a slightly textured finished, or more "tooth". It is often a go to for watercolour artists as the textured finish can provide a little more water control. It is also great for those looking to accentuate the effect of pigment granulation.

    Hot press paper has a slightly smoother finish which is great for adding detail, particularly for those using pens or pencils with wet-media. While it may offer slightly less water control than textured cold press paper, when a hot press paper is made with 100% cotton, it handles washes well and provides for a beautiful, crisp finish.

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