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Etchr Mirror | Bringing images from your device to life

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From children who want to draw their favourite characters, hobbyists who love to do artsy bullet journaling, or even artists that need a simple way to project their own art, the Etchr Mirror can be used pretty much any way you like.

Download the Etchr Mirror App (works with Android and iOs) and upload any picture from your own device or the Internet. Project the virtual image to a drawing, painting or colouring surface using the Mirror. Endless fun for the artist in everyone. 

How to use:

  1. Download the app:
    1. Search for the Etchr Mirror App on the Google Play or App Store. Available for phones and tablets, the App allows you to customize image style, size, level of brightness and more
  2. Select any image:
    1. The App optimizes images for use with the Etchr Mirror device. Now, you can upload and process any picture from your own device or the Internet.
  3. Enjoy art-making:
    1. Comfortable and easy, the Etchr Mirror is perfect for children, hobbyists and pros. Trace, color or sculpt anything you want, however and anywhere you like

Size and weight:

Just the Mirror itself has a width of 13.5cm or ~5.3in and a length of 20cm or ~7.9in. With the box included, the Etchr Mirror weighs 260g (or 0.57lbs). The Stand weigh 95g (0.2lbs).


The Mirror itself is made of polycarbonate, while the stand is made out of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.