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Etchr Mini Palette | 19 wells / 37 well

Etchr Mini Palette | 19 wells / 37 well

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The Etchr Mini Palette is a travel-sized watercolourist's companion built to carry and mix you favourite colours in one tiny kit.

This three-inch, 6mm deep porcelain kit comes in a 19 or 37 well versions (select from the drop-down menu) and it has twin seven-segment mixing well. The set fits perfectly in an Etchr branded tin container.

With the Mini Palette, paints stay moist longer, colours are vibrant and true mixing of paints is effortless, cleaning up is a cakewalk.

This kit weighs just 6 ounces and can be taken anywhere. Perfect for in-studio and on-the-go art making. 


Each porcelain disk is 0.9cm (~0.3in) high and 7.5cm (3in) wide. The metal tin 2.5cm (~1in) high and 8.5cm (3.3in) wide. With the empty porcelain disks inside, the tin weighs 230g (0.5 lbs). Each porcelain disk weighs 100g (0.2 lbs) and the tin weighs 50g (0.1 lbs).

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