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Earth | Collector's Edition Handmade Watercolours

Earth | Collector's Edition Handmade Watercolours

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Earth is a collection of 4 handmade watercolours, house in 4 handmade ceramic half pans, which are actually larger than the normal 2ml plastic half pans.

Colours included in this set:

  • Tanah Liat - PY43, close to a Yellow Ochre
  • Daun - PG17, beautiful natural Green 
  • Ungu Marikh - PR101 & PY42, close to Mars Violet
  • Ribut - PB29, PR101 & PY42, looks like a new species of an Indigo

Colours are hand-mulled. Made out of natural earth pigments, local tualang honey and gum arabic are use as binders.

The ceramic pans in this set are glazed with a semi-opaque clear glaze.

There are not fillers or stabilisers used in these handmade watercolours. Some pigments are more prone to cracking when they are dry, but the paint quality is unaffected.


This is a collaborative project with Aidafiqs Handmade. 

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