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Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour | Hand Poured Half Pan

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour | Hand Poured Half Pan

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These half pans are poured from the original Daniel Smith Extra Fine watercolour tubes. Daniel Smith professional grade watercolours are formulated to meet And exceed the highest industry standards for the manufacture of artist’s paint, and every batch made is tested and analysed for its performance quality  

Daniel Smith watercolours have a beautiful texture and it’s highly pigmented. These pans can be reactivated over and over again with water. 

Because these half pans are filled directly from the tubes, there might be bumps and tiny blemishes on the surface of the watercolour, but it is absolutely fine, it doesn’t affect the performance and quality of the colours. 
Some colours will shrink more once they are dried. We will do a second pour if the shrinkage is significant to ensure that the pan is properly filled. 

All these hand poured half pans are pour-on-demand. We only prepare them when we received the order. It will take couple of days for the colours to be stable and dry enough to ship. So please allow about 3 days for us to prep your orders. 

Each half pan has a 2ml capacity. It is a great option especially when you want to test out the colours and if you like them, you can then purchase them in tubes the next time. 
Having said that, 2ml can actually last you quite a while :)

Any orders of 6 half pans will come with a little metal case free of charge! You can combine purchase with other brand’s in half pans to make up the 6.

Refer images for colours available and select the colours you like from the selections above. 

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