Code of Etiquette for Life Drawing/ Figure Drawing Sessions

It is of utmost importance, and it is expected and understood, that everyone adhere to the following code of etiquette whenever you are participating in any of our life drawing/ figure drawing sessions. You are deemed to have understood and agreed to the following when you sign up:

  • Do NOT take photographs of the model, unless you are prompted to do so by the facilitator
  • Do NOT touch the model
  • Do NOT invade the model’s personal space and always observe social distancing
  • Do NOT speak with the model during posing. Speak to the facilitator if you need anything at all.
  • We do not tolerate any verbal or physical insult to our models, which includes but not limited to commenting the model's body or appearance. You will be asked to leave immediately, and no refund will be made in such circumstances
  • If you would like to compliment the model's work, keep language in a drawing-sense
  • If a model is comfortable, they may approach you about your work, but this interaction should never be initiated by the artist. If you have a question, refer to the facilitator
  • Do NOT ask the model out on a date, or ask any personal questions. This is not a social environment for artists and models, this is drawing/painting time for artists and the model is at work
  • Do NOT critique work unless asked (this goes for artists and models)

Almost all life drawing studio etiquette is based around respect for the model. Remember, the model is putting themselves in a vulnerable position for the benefit of the artists, so keeping models happy and comfortable is our first priority.

Please show the utmost respect for all models at all times.

We encourage you to let your creativity flow on your paper or canvas. Draw! Paint! Create! Learn! Talk to other artists! Talk to the facilitator! This will allow for everyone to continue to create and learn in a safe space. 

We look forward to seeing you!


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