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Mijello Mission Silver Class Watercolour 12-colour pan set

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Mijello Mission Silver Class Watercolours are professional grade, user friendly, pigmented, lightfast, fine watercolour paints with consistent and long lasting colour properties. The consistency of the paint allows it to absorb easily onto brushes with one touch. It is designed to be very user-friendly, and each colour can be purchased separately. This 12-colour case measures 165 x 85 x 25mm, it is absolutely suitable to use as a travelling set. 

This 12-colour regular sized pan set consists of (refer photos for colour swatches): 

MPW 301 White

MPW322 Lemon Yellow

MPW321 Yellow Deep

MPW313 Vermilion

MPW311 Permanent Red 

MPW353 Bright Violet

MPW341 Cerulean Blue

MPW344 Ultramarine Blue

MPW334 Viridian 

MPW333 Olive Green

MPW364 Van Dyke Brown

MPW302 Black