Why grown ups don't draw cards for their parents anymore?

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Do you ever wonder why grown ups don't draw cards for their parents anymore on Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any other occasions? Most of them let their children do it for their grand parents instead. But why?  

Let's not waste time finding the answers... We can safely tell you that it IS still very heartwarming for our parents to receive a hand drawn or painted card from us, despite the expensive watch, that luxury trip, and many more that you can afford now. It is priceless. It is... from the heart. 

Why not give them a grown-up-version card? 

We are happy to help you get started! We've prepared 2 templates that you can use as a reference, they are both a pencil sketch, paint them in colours that you like! Or ink it! There's no hard and fast rules about how it should look like, let your heart tell you. 

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Do tag us @leartshop if you are posting it on Instagram or IG story, we would love to see :)

Sharing in this post is a card painted with watercolour, using Talens Art Creation Watercolour, and shimmery detail on the flower with Koi CAC Watercolour. 

We have curated 3 watercolour combos with a very special price. Each of them comes with 4 pieces of 300gsm acid free cotton watercolour paper, in 5" x 7" post card size - ready to paint and post! 

Happy Mother's Day and Father's Day in advance! And happy creating!



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